ERA Updates

Constitutional Law Professors Amicus Brief in Virginia v. Ferriero (Erwin Chemerinsky, Noah Feldman, Reva Siegel, Julie Suk)

My writings about the scholars’ amicus brief:

In the Battle for the ERA, Global Constitutionalism and State Sovereignty, Just Security, August 12, 2020.

Who Decides the Future of the Equal Rights Amendment? Take Care Blog, July 6, 2020

The Feminist ERA Worth Fighting For: A Political Question, Gender and the Law Blog, July 14, 2020.

In Congress:

Floor Debate in the House of Representatives on H.J. Res. 79 Removing the Deadline, February 13, 2020.

House Judiciary Committee Report, 116-378 Removing the Deadline For the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, January 16, 2020.

Julie C. Suk, An Equal Rights Amendment for the Twenty-First Century? Bringing Global Constitutionalism Home, Yale Journal of Law & Feminism 2017 (cited in House Judiciary Commitee Report).